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Mark Robinson Testimonial

Mark Robinson Testimonial

Mark Robinson - Wirral Locksmiths Ltd

I was in the Royal Navy for twenty two years and reached Petty Officer before I completed my service, most of which was on nuclear submarines. On coming to the end of my Naval service I had decided that I wanted more control over my own destiny and at the age of forty I thought if I don’t try it now I never will. I had always enjoyed engineering and looked for a new challenge to take for the future.

After reading lots of resettlement information, and talking to friends who where in the trade, I settled on training as a locksmith. I contacted 1st call lockouts, as although there were a few people offering the training, when I spoke to their staff they were the most enthusiastic. This was later confirmed when I attended the training school in Birmingham.

The best part of the training was the fact there were cars and doors to practice on, believe me it really really helped having a realistic environment.

I initially attended the automotive locksmith course and then the following year the domestic course, both gave a good introduction into the job and variety of work on offer.

I initially set up the company Action Locksmiths, and this was changed to Wirral Locksmiths in 2015 as the area that I cover is Wirral and the name suited the business profile. I now am contracted to many large firms and also a sub contractor to John Richard Locksmiths in Heswall were I have been their primary contact for two years now.

My daily work can include anything from open and fitting mortice locks, rectifying problems with UPVC doors and windows, fitting safes, fitting access control and cutting and programming car keys. I would say on a typical day but there is no such thing as a typical day. This week alone I’ve worked with the police, members of the public and a premiership footballer as well as my normal contract work.

It’s not all serious and there have been some real laughs. The funniest one I remember is I was fitting locks to a bedroom door and en suite. The handles were all off and the owner of the house came past the bedroom and shut the door on me. With all my tools and phone out in the hall, I tried shouting but the house was large and she couldn’t hear me. The only way out was to jump out of her bedroom window while she was in the kitchen. Should have seen the look on her face as I sailed passed her kitchen window while making a brew.

It’s hard work and sometimes very long hours but being my own boss and making the critical decisions myself keeps me driving forward!

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