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Niels Elffers Testimonial

Niels Elffers Testimonial

Niels Elffers - Kingfisher Locksmiths

After a long career in mechanical engineering and waste management I decided to become a locksmith. Having found the 1st Call Lockouts training scheme it made my plan a lot easier. Fast-track 1 to 1 training tailored to my capabilities was just what I needed.

All trained up, I started Kingfisher Locksmiths, and went straight in at the deep end! I had to apply everything (!) covered in the training. Now, nearly ten years later, I’m well settled into this business and every day enjoy the smiles on people’s faces as I let them into their homes without any damage. I’m partially proud of the fact that 1st Call locksmiths makes you think non destructive, as I found that many other locksmiths don’t!

A day in the life of a locksmith...

It’s the day before Christmas Eve and I always try to keep space in the diary for those last-minute mishaps... Sure enough, someone’s in need of a locksmith, fast! They’ve lost the key to the dresser where the twelve-piece Denby service and considerable selection of alcoholic beverages are stored out of reach of the grandchildren. They’ve spent all weekend hunting for the key. I find a sizeable dresser with two unusual 1920s mortice locks of unusual proportions.  Now somewhere in my toolbox is a home-made practice key... sure enough, it fits perfectly!

I head home, but within a couple of minutes I receive a call from a customer in Stansted on his way to his holiday cottage. His brother-in-law’s already at the address but can’t get in, and dog and children are waiting impatiently outside. The key safe in the garden is mysteriously empty and the house resembles a fortress. I’m pleased to see all the locks are British Standard - very secure but tricky from my point of view, as I’m always determined not to damage a door in the process of gaining entry. Wait a minute, though...  here are the patio doors round the back with a key clearly visible in the lock! A burglar’s delight! This is an easy call-out after all; the door’s open even before the dog starts to bark.

The Christmas season’s really started now; the evening sets in and there’s serious panic as an old rectory wine cellar won’t open! Tables are sumptuously laid for fifty guests for a dinner party which starts at 7 pm! It’s some cellar, with an assortment of three locks on the door only two of which are prepared to open... Time for some seriously professional skills...

What makes this job so incredibly rewarding is the expression on people’s faces when the doors, cabinets and cellars all open for easy access to a host of necessities, delights and treasures!

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